Voice from the Real World Ministries teachers do not claim to have legally recognized qualifications or authority to be counselors or therapists. We act only as a teacher, mentor, or guide for those who choose to contact us out of concern for their own personal journey in pursuit of happiness and true identity through the means of A Course in Miracles.
Our “Hour of Personal Teaching” is not designed to treat, diagnose, cure or alleviate symptoms of any kind of mental or physical illness.  This teaching is offered in good faith and any advice or instruction provided in any interaction should not be seen as a substitute for the professional advice of medical doctors, psychiatrists or clinical psychologists. In all cases, it is the responsibility of each individual to seek appropriate professional treatment for any symptoms of disease or dis-order that they may be experiencing. 
Voice from the Real World Ministries is not able to give any warranty or guarantee that personal problems (either expressed or implied) presented by a student can or will be resolved.
Voice from the Real World Ministries does not accept any liability or responsibility for any consequences of a student’s use of its services -- either beneficial or otherwise.  A student’s use of the information provided, their interpretation of what they see or hear, or any effects on them or others, which they attribute to the teachings is their responsibility alone.
In no event shall Voice from the Real World Ministries or its teachers be liable to any person(s) for any loss or damage of any kind which may occur as a result of the teaching provided.
Please note that Voice from the Real World Ministries requires that all students read the above Disclaimer and will draw the attention of all intending students to it prior to teaching being provided. A student’s willingness to participate in any teaching session will be taken to mean that they have read, understood and accepted each and every clause of the above Disclaimer.  

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